Rainbow Book

I dream a lot. Yes, daydreams too. But this story is a sandman dream. One that was crafted lovingly by morpheus himself and delivered to the window of my mind in a particularly depressing time of my little life.

I have to mention that this was such a gem. Usually, though my dreams are frequent, they are inclined towards the night and mare-ish. They are normally occupied with the weird and the occult. I've had headless beings ironing humans on ironing boards – and this despite the fact that I go nowhere near an ironing board. And I've had pitch forks, fierce interrogations and as always present, the strong smell of fear. People say you don't smell in your sleep. They haven't had one of mine. Oh! but I have gone on...

This dream, in the mist of stressful sleep, I was chasing a rainbow's end. Now, before I proceed, please bear in mind that pots of gold and all that la-dee-da leprechauns have no part to play in my story.

As I was saying, there were the lush-est fields with almost luminous green grass and bushy hedges. Rolling hills in every direction, a silver stream and a gentle mist caping it all. Tip of a hill, in the centre of a warm spot where the sun's fingers stretched towards was the rainbows end!

The magnificent arc had run across the sky and came flowing down towards the earth to this one blessed spot. This spot where I now stood.

Let me attempt to describe the rainbow. Apart from its spectacular beauty and wondrous colours, it seemed to be made up of sparkling coloured bits that reminded me of the fizzy bubbles in sparkling wine. A rainbow that was made up of the fizzy, sparkling wine split into several shades and hues which slowly sprinkled down.

I stepped into this captivating waterfall with my hands apart and looked up into this incredible beauty, feeling the gentle caresses on my skin and face. Then I tasted the rainbow! I drank of these coloured necter. And the taste! I cannot describe. But if I must, it was a flavour, no, a fragrance that engulfed me, wrapped me up in warmth and comfort and a sence of ...expectancy ...excitement ...pure ecstasy. I felt my heart would burst and I must have been grinning in my sleep for my cheeks ached when I woke. My heart felt full and warm and my spirit was missing...

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