Have you ever had a complete set? The alphabet is a real nice set. There are sets of building blocks and sets of newly minted coins. there are sets of first day covers and stamps and of course, the train set. Sets are just nice to have, somehow, special.

i once had a set, oh, i've had many sets, like set squares and i still have a set of teeth, but this one was, you know, special.

It was a complete set of Enid Blytons' Famous Five books, painstakenly put together when i had yet to loose all my milk teeth. Gotten by saving up what little pocket money i then had. A complete set of used books from the second hand book store.

Then one fine day, after many monsoons, my mom gave them away. And right there and then, i knew, my childhood was gone forever.

Sometimes when it isn't raining, the shower works just as well. And no one can ever tell.

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