I tasted honey sweet, wild, fresh from the bees nest
A single lick, an ecstasy, warm, moist,
spreading slowly from the tip of my tongue
tingling down my throat
traces of its scent on my lips
an immense joy filling my heart with such pleasure
I felt my chest should burst
my breaths short and frequent
Its fragrance swallows up my senses
fills my mind with its sweet perfume

What is this honey so rare, so captivating?
No bee can it resist,
no flower its pollen deny
What fragrance should engulf so?
No mind can it not conquer,
no will can against it stand

This is sweetness I cannot embrace
my spirit with it will wrestle
What is this sweetness that causes such pain?
my spirit to it will yield
Like the Morning Glory that opens to the dawn
my heart surrenders to such overpowering sweetness
And as it bows and dies in the eve
To this bitter end I am drawn

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