...and i saw out of the corner of my eye, the page in
the magazine, in the bottom right hand corner the
xerox logo, the capital x, painted in red with it's
top right arm breaking into fragments...

here i am flipping my creative review magazine, there's
a somewhat interesting piece written here about miles
aldridge, the fla-vour of the month, the current cool
fashion photographer.

...i am dreaming, i know i am, my dreams are becoming
way too literal. that's not a good thing. i am walking
around town and it's cold and it's dark and i'm
stopping to talk to the 2nd lion of the four in
trafalgar square and he says...

i got off the bus and went to look up at the christmas
tree in trafalgar square. the country of norway gives
a nice big one to england every year in thanks for
their aid in some war. it is almost as tall as
nelson's column and simply decorated. just some lights
with a star on the tip. it represents so many ideas,
so much sadness and so much hope.

...my tutor crosses the hallway and comes over to
speak to me, i can't remember what he said. all i can
think off is that i'll soon be going, soon there will
be me no more...

my window cream canvas blinds spreads the sun's glow
and for a moment looks like a huge lamp.

it is raining, i know. you can hear it tapping on the
window. it's warmer under the blanket.

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