London London

a little red balloon i once had
attached to a bit of string
around its end my hand cluched tight
such joy to me it did bring

its lovely hue clashed violent
against the vivid blue sky
up it rose and took me along
willingly with it did i fly

2004 Proms In The Park – Hyde Park

2002 Sprite Urban Games – Clapham Common


I love sitting on the floor of my room
facing my window and watching the sun
dip in and out of the sky while
the clouds, some white, some grey
all plump, play catch and race
from one end to the other
leaving patches of blue, some small
some whole, in their wake

A guitar sits in my lap
in tune to this natural play
the tempo, some fast, full of tension
some slow, hanging notes in the air
bringing from my heart to my mouth
a range of emotions and then silence

Just the voice of the wind
as he carries off my spirit



turn again...
a cloud resides in my mind...
weights upon my lids...
breathing deep...
my chest...
rises and falls...
to slumber sleep...
out of the cloud...
turn again...
gentle flicker...
sight is blured...
parting of lips...
the cloud desends once more...
drowsyness gains...
light defuses...
turn again...
little smile...
little shine...
the cloud defuses...
a yawn escapes..


Lost – Kennington Underground


in the dark
a burst of flame
a burning amber
a solitary glow
wispers of smoke
the cherry top
burns down
flakes of ashes
to the ground


2005 Twilight Skies – Streatham Common




Golden Hour – My Favourite Time of the Day – Covent Garden



I am tired to the bone
Too tired to eat
Too tired to sleep
My sap has drained dry
Weary are my branches
Laden with dew
My crown droops with weariness
My head no longer holds high


Bedroom – Clapham Common


The next time the skies
are blanketed in grey
the trees naked and bare
and the ground moist with rain

Put on Alina, Arvo Pärt
and match each weighty note
with every light raindrop
and be assured that
i'm doing pretty much the same


Man At Work – Neal Street

Staying Late

Time – Canary Wharf

You Want Fries With That? – Neal Street

Cold Steel – Camden Market

London – Streatham Common


make me smile
and i'll be yours forever,
make me laugh
and i'll fall in love with you,
the day you looked my way
i'll always remember,
a kind word
a gentle touch
my soul has never known


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